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We understand how to unlock and create value for our partners.

When we buy companies they are normally considered valuable by their owners, but can be harder to sell for some reason. Perhaps there are a number of diverse companies to be sold together; perhaps there are incomplete management teams; perhaps they are underinvested or over indebted; perhaps they have previously failed to sell in a managed process. If businesses offered to Chamonix are profitable and generate cash, we can design a bespoke solution for the vendors.

Chamonix is a good home for the businesses it acquires. We bring to bear a unique combination of financial and operational skills to provide companies with the right strategy, financial structure, and operational resources to grow and prosper. Our investors, chosen for their specific suitability for each opportunity, benefit from this approach through the increase in value over time.

Our transactions illustrate our flexible investment approach

2006 – 3i
Chamonix created a £140m special purpose fund to buy ten businesses from private equity firm 3i. The seller was able to release resources to concentrate on a new fund. The companies ranged from frozen food manufacturers to employment agencies.

2011 – Linpac
Chamonix acquired five non-core businesses from plastic packaging manufacturer Linpac Group for £30m. Linpac used the proceeds to pay down Group debt and allow senior management to focus on the core business.

2012 – Peverel
Chamonix rescued a market leading property management group from administration in a £62m acquisition. The transaction saw Chamonix acquire four businesses including its telecare business CarelineUK and insurance services company Kingsborough. The deal secured over 4,200 jobs and saw the group’s debt fall from £125m to £25m.